When we say “green technology,” it’s now more than just alternative fuel, solar panels, and wind turbines. With advancements in science and technology today, humanity’s greatest minds are slowly discovering more and more ways of making efficient yet cost-friendly gadgets and gizmos – and a lot of them tend to be friendly to the environment. There are actually green technologies today that are starting to shake the very foundation of industries, and we might be seeing a glimpse of a wonderful future ahead.

In green energy alone, 13.2-percent of the whole world in 2012 has relied on renewable energy for its power supply. Through the years, country after country has pledged to reduce their carbon emissions within the next decade, paving the way for more improvements in the field of energy and technology. If you’re looking into other tech that’s bound to stun the world, here are some more of them:

green tech 21.) D-Shape allows users to 3D print buildings out of stone, that can survive even in space. Italian entrepreneur Enrico Dini and his team at Pisa has built a gigantic 3D printer that is capable of “printing” buildings out of solid rock. What ancient humans took thousands of years to cut and built can take Dini and his team just a few minutes to complete. D-Shape first sprays a thin layer of sand with what seems to be a glue that is made out of a magnesium-based substance. It releases this “ink” from nozzles with a 25 dpi resolution, which then forces the solid rock and sand to “bind” together. The 3D printer does this per layer until a piece of furniture, a sculpture, or even a building is built. Dini says the process his printer makes is “four times” faster than modern building methods. It may also even cost just a third of what cement costs, and is extremely environmentally-friendly since it produces little to no waste.

green tech 32.) EnSOl AS is a spray-on solar film that can turn windows into solar panels. When we talk of solar energy, one might think of solar panels that can be an expensive initial investment. The time and money it takes to purchase and assemble photovoltaic panels may also be a turn-off to others. Photovoltaic panels, while efficient, aren’t exactly the most attractive in terms of design as well. This will all be changed thanks to EnSol AS and their interesting product, which is a spray-on solar film. It’s made out of a transparent composite matrix consisting of metal nanoparticles. They claim spraying this on windows can turn them into solar panels, but the spray itself is clear enough that it’s like it’s not even there.

3.) Solar Ivy is a solar panel shaped like leaves. As if to drive a point, folks at SMIT, or Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology, have created solar panels that are not only paper-thin, but it’s also shaped like leaves as well. They sparkle when exposed to the sun, indicating it’s absorbing energy. Solar Ivy are just as capable as photovoltaic cells, minus the rather… “unsightly’ appearance. The Solar Ivy “leaves” are composed of extremely thin layers of material that were placed above polyethylene with a piezoelectric generator attached.

4.) POWERleap makes energy out of humans. Not literally, anyway. Other sources of renewable energy tend to be external, such as wind, water, and even the sun. POWERleap however looks into humans as a potential source of energy, flipping the table around and creating a gadget that produces energy out of human activity. The POWERleap offers a piezoelectric floor tiling system that “gathers” energy whenever people step on it. This can potentially help power lights on sidewalks, train stations, or even houses themselves.

green tech 45.) What about shoes that actually convert walking into electricity? Folks at Louisiana Tech University has actually created a shoe that converts the energy of its wearer’s steps into functional electricity. This piezoelectric power shoe has a small generator inserted within its sole that can harvest energy enough to charge small electronics and batteries.


Conclusion: The Future Is Green

If there’s anything the above could indicate, it’s that the future has the potential of helping us make the most use of the technology we have while using the least amount of resources. This can potentially allow mankind to reap so much benefits with so little cost. The future is arriving, and it’s bound to be awesome and environment-friendly. Who knows what’s next for humanity’s greatest minds? However, if this is the direction we’re taking, it’s definitely going to be interesting.




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