The number of industrial facilities or power plants in a given area can cause pollution. There’s also many chemicals and heavy metals, such as lead, used to produce various products. These heavy materials end up in the water supply and soil and cause a lot of damage to our ecosystems and the health of those living near them. Many of these pollutants are toxic and should be removed from the water.

Although the belief is that the mega-cities will always dominate the list of the top five most polluted cities in the world. There are, of course, many places worldwide with high pollution levels like the following:

1. Kanpur, Northern India

The pollution levels are high mainly because of the air pollution that exists in Kanpur. Air pollution tells a lot of things and one is it causes bad respiratory and allergic reactions, as well as cancer. Kanpur is also a major industrial hub; hence, the pollution levels are too high.

Another cause of the pollution levels in Kanpur is the increase in population. Since many people are living in Kanpur, pollution is extremely high. Due to this, many people cannot breathe properly and hence have to suffer from respiratory diseases and infections. 

2. Faridabad, Northern India

Faridabad, Northern India, is a tourist hotspot located in the northern part of India. Faridabad has emerged as one of the top tourism destinations in India and is well worth visiting. The capital city of Maharashtra, Faridabad, is a significant town of the state with a huge population.

Because of this, the pollution from the Faridabad sewage system has gone bad and can be described as a significant health concern. This has led to huge pollution that caused many people to feel ill due to the poor quality of water and air. 

Another reason why it’s polluted is that the Faridabad sewage system was built during the British era. At that time, the local population was poor, and so the residents had no way of providing the sewage system with the required water. This led to the pollution of the entire water system. 

The pollution caused by Faridabad is not something new, but its pollution has increased so rapidly has led to more people feeling ill from the pollution.

3Gaya, Eastern India

There are many reasons why Gaya is known to be the most polluted city in the entire world. If one is not familiar with Gaya, it’s a small town located in West Bengal. The city has a long history and is well-known for its rich and diverse culture. 

Many Europeans and others from various countries have immigrated to this city over the centuries. As time passed by, it gained its status as a cosmopolitan hub and has now become a modern-day metropolis. However, Gaya’s pollution has been a major problem that needs to be addressed very quickly to ensure that the air quality is maintained properly.

The main reason why Gaya is so polluted is because of the heavy industry. People worldwide travel to Gaya to buy items like clothes, textiles, and other products. Because of this massive industry, there’s always a high level of pollutants present in the air. Due to massive industrialization in the Gaya area, the population also increases, and there’s more pressure on the natural environment.

The Bottom Line

Although most of the polluted places in the world came from India, there are more cities involved. However, the said places are polluted because of many industrial factories in their area. Because of this, more people are going into these places to buy goods. The more populated the places are, the more pollution is also emitted.