If you’ve started urban gardening, you might want to start growing edible plants as well. Many of these plants are easy to grow, and they also make great decorations for your gardens. What a great idea to make your backyard a place where you can have a little bit of pampering and relaxation.

Moreover, if you’re growing your own edible plants, you’re sure that it’s organic because you personally plant and let it grow. If you’re wondering what plants to grow, here are some choices you can choose from:

1. Tomatoes

If you’re looking for the most popular edible plants to grow in your urban garden, tomatoes are perfect. They’re a great source of nutrition and a lot of fun to eat.

You can grow them quickly indoors or outside after they’ve grown taller. The secret is to protect them from excessive rain or sunshine, and they can fully grow. To do this, put a little shade that can protect them from heavy rains.

2. Cucumbers

Another one of the top five edible plants to grow in your urban gardens is cucumbers. They’re very nutritious and are great for salad dressings. You can increase your own cucumbers instead of buying them at the store, which may be expensive.

What’s more exciting is that they grow pretty fast, too.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is another one of the famous vegetable gardens to grow in your own garden. This type of vegetable is also very easy to grow, and it’ll be good for you. If you’re looking for a vegetable that’s filling, then broccoli is worth looking into getting.

4. Basil

Basil is another popular herbs that’s easy to grow and tastes great, too. Since it goes well with many different types of foods, having handy and fresh basil on your space is a perfect option. When they’re ready to pick, you can easily add them as an ingredient in appetizers and side dishes.

You have to purchase some basil seeds. If you want to try growing basil indoors, start with a couple of seedlings. Container grown basil can be planted directly in just about soil conditions with just a little extra water and fertilizer. Just be sure to use the right soil type for basil to thrive properly.

5. Onions

Onions can be a little tricky to plant. You’ll have to do some digging if you’re going to plant onions, but it’s worth it for the results it’ll produce. If you plant them in your garden correctly, they’ll grow back the next year after being planted for about six months.

That way, you can use your urban garden throughout the year.


There you have it: a list of edible plants that you can quickly grow in your urban garden. Growing your edible plants is much healthier than buying them from the grocery store. When you grow these plants, you’re sure to eat the freshest vegetables and foods. Since you’ll be planting your own veggies you won’t be disposing of garbage or plastic bags every month.
With tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, broccoli, and onion, you can now make the freshest and most organic vegetable salad in your garden.