You consider yourself as someone who has a green thumb. Whenever you’re at home, you always find time to tend to your plants. You think this is a great way of relieving yourself from stress while taking care of the environment. You also make use of your plants as some of these are fruits and vegetables. In a nutshell, you love spending time in your garden. But you fear all of this will be gone once you move to an apartment in the city. You think that since the space in your apartment is limited, you can no longer have a garden – but you’re wrong. There are actually many ways on how you can still have a garden in your apartment. To help you out with that one, consider the tips below:

fat-plantsStart small

Although it can be very tempting, never start your apartment garden with a large variety of plants immediately. Keep in mind that you’re still testing which kind of plants will thrive in your apartment. You also have a scarcity of space so growing many plants at the same time might end up in wilted and dead plants. Instead, start by having one or two pots of plants first. When you see that these plants thrive, you can gradually increase the numbers of plants to grow.

Choose a place with adequate sunlight

Determine which area in your apartment has sunlight and place your plants there. You may have plants which don’t require too much sunlight, make sure to move these during the day. If your apartment doesn’t get hit by sunlight at all, opt to use natural light bulbs. If you’re leaning to do the latter, you should consider the distance of these natural light bulbs to your plants. You don’t want to place these lights too near or too far as this can also have adverse effects to your plants in the long run.

Use good soil

The soil you use will make or break the success of your apartment garden. And since you’ve been gardening for years, you should know this fact. To ensure that everything in your apartment garden will turn lush green soon, stop by a gardening store. Let them know what you’re doing in your apartment and ask for their recommendations. These people are basically the experts when it comes to gardening so follow whatever they advise you.

Get a handful of worms

Worms can help for your plants to grow healthily. Once you place them in your pots, they will immediately work by breaking down the organic compounds in the soil. This will make it easier for your plants to absorb mineral and nutrients faster. So make sure to stop by the nearest bait and tackle shop to get yourself some worms!

ecologyResearch your plant and the suitable pot for it

If you’re thinking of expanding your apartment garden, take the time to know which plant to add and what type of pot it needs. There are plants which grow big that’s why you need a pot suitable for its size. Some plants have vines so placing these with other plants in the same pot is something which you should consider.

Set a clear watering schedule 

Your plants will need water to grow. But this doesn’t mean that you have to pour in large amounts of water just for the sake of doing it. You should always consider the size and type of plant to determine how much water do they need. When you have this information, have a watering schedule. Keep track of how frequent you water your plants and always follow the schedule. If you want to take your sustainable living attempts up a notch, you can water your plants with the water you used to boil your vegetables.

Going Green Matters

Gardening can do wonders not only for your wellbeing but the environment as well. When you take care of your plants, you’re helping provide wildlife habitats to different animals and reduce greenhouse gases. And just because you’re moving to a new location doesn’t mean your efforts to garden should be hindered. You can practice your green thumb, all thanks to apartment gardening! This concept might seem relatively new to you, but when you’re guided on what to do, you’ll eventually enjoy what you’re doing. And if you really want to help the environment, you’re willing to try out new things, right? Just use the information in this article and you can immediately start your apartment gardening!




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