If you ever plan on making a company event, it’s bound to be nothing but spectacular. If you’re the manager in charge, you’re likely going to consider all aspects of planning – from logistics, to accommodations, to personnel, and even the food. However, perhaps another thing you should consider is to make your event eco-friendly. If this suggestion made you raise an eyebrow, that isn’t something to blame on you. After all, “event” and “eco-friendly” aren’t two words that are heard together very often. This isn’t to say to combine the two isn’t impossible, however. In fact, there are indeed ways to make your event eco-friendly.

eco friendly event 2Unfortunately, directly making changes and adjustments to an “event’s carbon footprint” is not yet possible because there’s no current accurate way of determining such a number so far. Communicating an event’s carbon footprint means declaring and justifying the scope of measurement at the same time. Some standards and protocols, such as Australia’s National Carbon Offset Standard, the United Kingdom’s PAS 2060, or the worldwide GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 might be good places to start, given they provide guidance on the matter, but not any direct means of measurement.

However, just because there’s no direct means of measuring carbon emissions doesn’t mean there are no ways to make your event eco-friendly. Here are a few tips you could start with:

  • Sustainable utensils are in: Just because you have the option to use sustainable utensils doesn’t mean you’re already sacrificing the style of your event. In fact a lot of sustainable cutlery, bowls, and plates come in quite the aesthetically-pleasing forms. For instance, recycled plastic can look a bit plain – but the food isn’t exactly what guests have come for, right? Interestingly, other appealing options are also bamboo and wooden utensils, which are also extremely appealing.eco friendly event1
  • Digital is sophisticated, stylish: Instead of advertising through printed pamphlets and ads, try relying on digital means. Spread the word via social media, or through your website. Leverage on your social media game by hyping your event in social media networks. There’s actually a variety of ways you could market your event – such as posts, articles, live streams, or even appealing mini-websites.
  • Bring out the green venue: If your city has become environmentally-conscious, chances are you’ll likely be having environmentally-friendly venues available for rent. If not, you can spice up your green game by making your event venue environmentally friendly. Try to opt for a more “nature”-oriented appearance with an outdoor setup with tents, candle-lights, and even do-it-yourself decorations. This can actually be a theme in on itself, and can give your event a unique “vibe” to it.
  • Recycling stations can encourage: Sometimes, events can get lazy with their waste game that a lot of attendees really tend to leave their trash behind. Recycling stations can change the game by providing attendees with the option to actually have a means of making a change towards a more environmentally-friendly initiative. Try to be creative in the labelling and appearance of your recycling stations and, if you have the budget, try to even revolve a rewards system with it.
  • Transportation trends can be hip: If you want to take your green game to the next level, you might even consider transportation. Attendees can come from different places, and as such their methods of transportation can contribute a lot to carbon emissions. If you add a dash of creativity to your transportation options, however, not only are you going green on your event but it can also be a good marketing option. Try to find out where guests are coming from and organize a carpooling system. You can assign “captains” among your staff that can wait for your guests and then escort them to your venue.
  • Go all zero-waste: Instead of finding ways to make your event elements zero-waste, why not go for an entirely zero-waste event? The challenge here is to make everything entirely eco-friendly and green. This means everything you use will be biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable. This can be a bit challenging, but it can be fun and worth it if you get everyone to help your cause.


The Takeaway: Creativity Counts

If you’re looking to make your event eco-friendly, perhaps it lies not just in making aspects of your event eco-friendly, but letting people adopt eco-friendly practices while in the premises. As you may have noticed in the suggestions above, “eco-friendly” isn’t just about the amenities and the features your event has, but also the values and the actions it makes people do while in there. If you apply this philosophy into establishing eco-friendly habits in your events consistently, you might start making a positive change towards the way others treat the environment.




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