Regardless of where you’re living or how small your family is, for sure, there is food waste in your home. And while you think these might seem harmless, food waste can actually amount to a large number of resources being used namely capital, energy, land, and water. These also produce greenhouse gas emissions which can affect global warming and climate change. In short, your home’s food waste can have a significant impact on the environment. Here are simple ways on how you can start to eliminate food waste at home:

1. ) Shop smart: Most people visit their local grocery store and shop in bulk. Sure, this might be 4 Ways to Eliminate Food Waste at Home - Shop Smartconvenient, but this can also lead to food waste. All of this can end up going bad before you even have the time to consume it. To prevent this from happening, make frequent grocery trips a few times a week rather than doing it once a week. You should only buy what you need and only buy when you no longer have any stocks at home. And don’t forget to stick to your grocery list the next time you go shopping!

2.) Store food correctly: Foods spoil when it’s not stored properly. For example, an apple can rot fast when it’s not refrigerated the moment it was purchased. And instead of preparing a salad with this apple, it gets thrown away. Be wary of the food you brought and learn how you can store these at home.

3.) Don’t over-serve food when you’re cooking: When you’re eating at a restaurant, it’s typical4 Ways to Eliminate Food Waste at Home - Store Food Correctly to see massive portions of meals served on your table. But when you’re cooking at home, it should never be the same – you should only cook and serve food that’s enough for the people who are there. If you have a family of five, prepare meals good for five and as much as possible, never over-serve. If you have visitors coming over, ask how many will be attending so you can prepare meals enough for everyone.

4.) Eat leftovers: Just because a meal is not freshly prepared, doesn’t mean it’s no longer good for eating – in fact, there are certain foods which taste better during the second day. If there are leftovers from your meals, vacuum-seal and freeze it so you can consume it the next day. Not only are you eliminating food waste through this method but you’re also saving yourself a lot of time in preparing meals – and that’s a win-win for you!


The Bottom Line

Because of people’s thoughtlessness, the environment is getting worse day by day. The things that you’re experiencing from nature today might no longer be present in the coming years. And if you want to preserve the environment, eliminating food wastes at home can be a very good way to start. You can start practicing this on your own and gradually teach all of your family members to do it. This might be challenging at first, but once you’ll see and experience the benefits you can get from your efforts, you’ll be motivated to continue doing it until it becomes natural in your household!